How does our free online grammar checker work?

http://www.onlinegrammarcheck.org/ offers the most accurate and free of cost facility to check a document for spellings and grammar mistakes. It's easy to use interface makes it the most valuable tool for students, teachers, and professionals of all age groups from every walk of life. This online free grammar tool can be used easily for checking spelling and grammar mistakes. All you have to do is type online grammarcheck.org into the URL bar, and press enter. After opening the website, you will see a text box. Now copy your text that needs checking and paste it into the text box. There is another option where you can upload the word file of the text and check the document for the occurrence of spelling or grammar errors. After entering the text click on the "Check Grammar" button on the page. Then the grammar software will prepare a spelling and grammar report and generate in a matter of few seconds. The report will contain the mistaken words highlighted in color along with the suggestions. After correcting your mistakes, your document will be ready for the final submission. Spelling and grammar mistakes give a very negative impact on one's writing skills. It can demolish your reputation in seconds if caught. This is embarrassing too as it only raises a question about someone's negligent attitude towards academics. Big or small but every one of us makes mistakes, and not necessarily everyone is familiar with every rule of English grammar. However, when it is possible to make your paper free from spelling or grammar mistakes by making only little more effort, then why not we should opt for that option. Hence, it is highly suggested to use our free online English grammar checker and make your document free from even minor spelling and grammar mistakes.