Do you keep a record of entered text?

No, your content is nor saved neither we will use it in any form. Being associated with an academic business, we understand the worth of your original words. The work that you enter on the website is yours, and it will remain yours. We take care of your belongings, and we will make sure to keep it safe for you. Free online spelling and free grammar check are meant to help all its users in making their content Free from spelling and grammatical errors. It is not meant to deceive anyone. Hence, it will never be saved, or we will not keep a record of your entered text as it can create disturbance and may even lead to severe consequences. We respect your privacy and your efforts in creating a piece of writing. Of course, it takes months and sometimes even years in compiling desired information about a topic and prepare a document. After preparing your document, next step is to check it's grammar and spelling mistakes . Here starts the work of free online grammar checker. It will identify your spelling and grammatical mistakes and help you in preparing a free from errors work. During all this process, your text remains as new as it was when you first prepared it. We do not at all save your document by any means. Our free online spelling and grammar checker will not keep a copy of your written material at any stage, and it will remain new and always yours as soon after processing your text, your text gets automatically deleted from the free online grammar checker software. You can freely enter your text for spelling and grammar checking as many times as you want until you succeed in removing all the flaws and mistakes from the written material.